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Loft Ensemble's mission is to achieve creative unity by providing a place for artists to explore their individual talents freely, within a strong and supportive ensemble.  By bringing the ceremony and ritual of non-traditional methods back to theatre, and exploring the spiritual connection we have to one another and to our subject matter, we achieve (and inspire) internal and external transformation.
Loft Ensemble invites you to experience a progressive place where we share art from the core of our souls.  We invite you to worlds of discovery, turmoil, unrest, longing, triumph, joy and defeat - human experiences that demand exploration.  We strive to find truth in each situation, each opportunity for evolution, taking each step together as we strip away barriers and break past our imagined limitations.
Loft Ensemble is an award-winning Los Angeles theatre company based in the NoHo Arts District and led by Artistic Director Adam Chambers (star of Disney Channel's Girl vs. Monster and I Heart Vampires).  The company was founded in 2007 and operated with a full year of Viewpoints workshops before producing any shows. Between 2007 and 2010 Loft produced a number of variety shows and an occasional mainstage.  Starting full seasons in 2012, Loft has presented over 70 mainstage productions earning 10 awards and a cumulative 33 nominations. Most notably, in 2018 Mr. Chambers was recognized with the Valley Theatre Awards’ Artistic Director Achievement Award, and in 2019 Loft Ensemble was named Best Theatre Ensemble by the VTAs  The ensemble is one of the fastest growing companies in Los Angeles.
Sean Alan Mazur with Bridget Avildse and Mace Bullington.JPG
Sawyer's Playhouse is our intimate 35 seat blackbox located upstairs from the mainstage. Dedicated in loving memory of Sawyer Sweeten, Sawyer's Playhouse is a place to find exciting developmental work with smaller casts and new voices!
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